We’ve always taken pride in our Train the trainer workshops. Why shouldn’t we, it is one of our most power-packed, highly creative and deeply inspiring workshops conducted by our very own Navaz Hilloowala.

Due to the lockdown, we were forced to bring in the same level of energy to our online workshops, which we successfully did. But, conducting an online workshop and now training trainers to conduct online workshops is a whole different game.

We decided to take that plunge when one of our long-standing clients approached us to conduct a Train the Trainer programme virtually. The challenge of the intervention wasn’t to just train them virtually but to train them virtually to be able to take face to face sessions.

The challenge is what got us so excited about this and we put our best foot forward. Using methodologies like loop, gamification, flip training we were able to infuse the same energy and effectiveness of our face-to-face train the trainer to the virtual one.

Today after a three-month-long intervention of training and coaching we have a robust virtual train the trainer programme. All thanks to a hard-working team and clients who really trust us to give us these opportunities.

If you want to find out more about the train the trainer programme, then please contact us.

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