We are going to empower people to manage their interviews with aplomb.

Our unconventional approach will begin with the coachees completing the DISC PersonalMaps Assessment. Their report will enable us to take them on a journey of self-realisation. This in turn will build their self-esteem and confidence. It will also make the applicant re-evaluate his career choices.
The result will be a focussed and empowered individual.

This PersonalMaps Pro Assessment is retailing at INR 3500 for the PersonalMap and INR 1500 for the Route Guide. We will, however, be offering these as well, at no cost to our coachees.

Why are we doing this?
For two reasons:
To fight back during the new normal and create some goodwill.
To research more on human behaviour that can be added to our ever-growing library.

Please do feel free to socialise our offer so we can reach out to as many people as possible.

All interested coaches should email us at with the subject line ‘Gratis Coaching on Interviewing Skills

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