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I have been fortunate to have attended several 2-day training programs in my career – some run by top US Ivy League schools, by top tier Management consulting firms and even one run by the US Marine Corps in their headquarters in Quantico. None of them come close to the level of learning and team-building as the training run by Navaz, Faredoon and Training-in-Corporate. Since the training two quarters ago, our team has been collaborating across divisions, functions and we have seen a jump in both our growth trajectory and profitability. This is the reason we are back, expecting Training-in-Corporate to deliver a follow-on training that will help us get to the next level of team performance.
Ruksh Chatterji, VP – India

Siemens Ltd

We, the HR leadership team of Siemens worked with Navaz & Jehan and had an incredible experience. They delighted us with their meticulous planning for our team building offsite. They understood our needs and fulfilled those in the workshop through their creative design. Further, their execution was flawless. They are adaptable and flexible in conceptualization and assiduously disciplined in execution.
The impact of the workshop has resulted in excellent team bonding amongst us.
The best thing I liked about working with them is their commitment to support the post offsite efforts to keep the fire burning.
We consider it our privilege to be their clients.

S Ramesh Shankar, Executive Vice President – HR & Cluster HR Head, South Asia

Komli Media India Pvt. Ltd

We have engaged Training inCorporate to train our captive call centre agents and have been very happy with their quality and commitment. Their trainers’ focus on giving individual attention to each trainee which makes learning and change possible in the classroom. From my observations and the feedback, I have realized that they ensure the training has a high level of participation by using humour, role-plays, simulations, activities and games. The depth of knowledge on the subject is also something that needs to be mentioned as it guarantees a logical learning process which stays with the trainees.
They are definitely a vendor that I am pleased to recommend and am confident they make good partners in change management.
Here are some of the comments from our customer representatives:
1. ‘An amazing experience which was very different from all the other voice and accent training programmes.”
2. ‘The trainers rock! They were so caring and truly interested in our learning. Thank you very much.’
3. ‘For the first time I really understood Customer Care as I was made to experience it!’
4. ‘Thank you so much for all the individual attention that was given to me. I have changed so much, even my family and friends have commented on the new confident and fluent me!’
5. ‘Thank you for not using PPTs and making the training so interactive and so much fun. I didn’t know you could learn and have fun.’
6. ‘I wish you all were our teachers in school. The way you explained grammar was amazing! I now can actually follow and apply it.
Thank you so much!

Tehmton Cooper, Head of Global Contact Centres & eCommerce

Deloitte Consulting (India) Pvt Ltd

As most of my colleagues mentioned, yes, it was a wonderful training session. It was great learning and also a lot of fun- and I guess that’s what made this session so outstanding!
To be very honest, I had enrolled in this course only because at that time I was on bench. I wasn’t really sure what I would learn in 16 hours. But the way it came out, I want to take all the classes henceforth. It was so much fun, and so much learning.
Heartfelt thanks for all your help and guidance.

(P.S.: In case you think all this buttering is to get some good grades, you ain’t too wrong!)



Khalida Kesury, Assistant Manager – EA – JDE

I have been in India for many years and had the opportunity to interact with many trainers and training companies, so I can say with great authority that Training inCorporate is a class apart.

The commitment and quality of the team lead by, Navaz Hilloowala, is one to be reckoned with. Each trainer participates in the learning cycle and focuses on raising the bar. We had run a programme in Hyderabad for two years but it was only after the trainers of Training inCorprate joined the intervention that certain glitches in the system came to light. I would like to thank them for their invaluable input that has made us relook at certain aspects of our courses.

We look forward to a long and rewarding association with them.

John G Roberts, VP, Communication Excellence

Shopper’s Stop Ltd.

Primarily with relation to what you guys have done with the team, there has been a very positive feedback about the entire workshop.
I have seen within the team, increased level of enthusiasm, and I hope this lasts for a long time. They are more focused, working together more than before & seem geared for the next big challenge. The exercise’s while being highly involving, entertaining & different has shown that if we put our mind to it, a lot can be achieved, if we want to. The threshold of competition and communication & teamwork is increasing everyday & that’s a good sign in the team.
From our perspective – I can see that the 1st day & next 2 morning sessions we have done with the team is starting to sink in. They are more clear on their responsibilities & are working effectively to the effect that other teams especially the store Ops is become aware of worthy challenger in my store VM’s & AVM’s who will stand by their defined VM norms & principles. It has empowered this team to think forward think differently & act accordingly.
Thanks once again to you & the team. The only feedback I have would be that in all the activities we had, would be nice, that like in the last activity, where we were all on the ground & then a feedback was given, – that sunk in. All feedbacks could have been effectively delivered in a similar manner.
Arden J. D’souza, Customer Care Associate & Head – Visual Merchandising

The Gordon House Suites & Waterstones Country Club & Spa

Dear Jehan,
We, at The Gordon House Suites and Waterstones Country Club & Spa, are a 102 room boutique hotel, and a – Members Only – exclusive country club and spa. In May 2009, we had Training inCorporate conduct a Train-the-Trainer program for fourteen of our departmental trainers, who would be conducting Departmental Training throughout our organization.
We couldn’t have made a better choice than selecting Navaz Hilloowala as our trainer along with Lisa and Dilnawaaz, who were there all along to assist with the three day program.
Most of the participants had no prior training exposure, nor had they attended a training program. This, however, didn’t detract from the fact that the three days were insightful, useful and tremendously motivating for our team. The training you gave us formed the platform for us to launch a large Departmental Training initiative across the entire organization, which has resulted in huge leaps in service, productivity and motivation.
We appreciate your professionalism and enthusiasm. Thank you once again.
Erica de Souza, Training Manager

Give India

hank You Training Incorporate!
We would like to take this opportunity to thank Dilnawaaz Irani, Associate Master Trainer from Training Incorporate.
She held a fun-filled and insightful training session at our Annual Offsite. Training Incorporate specializes in employee training programmes, all of which are designed with take-away techniques. Do check them out if you think your staff needs some team-building.
Gauri Sarda, Engagement Manager, Payroll Giving

Dell International Services

My association with Navaz dates back to more than five years. Besides being an exceptional human being, she is a trainer par excellence. Notwithstanding the fact, that I am a firm believer in training by in-house Trainers, I have no hesitation in saying that when it came to outsourcing of Training for British/US Accent. For Accent Training, it had to be Navaz. She has the unusual knack of vibing with the participants and she deftly integrates the ‘Learning & Fun ‘ concept, which is so important in the present day scenario. Trainees have nostalgic memories of her sessions and are able to relate with the learning. My best wishes to her in the new endeavour. I have no doubt, she would bring all her learning and experience in the new venture and do an equally great job. God Bless.
Baljit Ahluwalia, Director – Training

Deutsche Bank

Oh god they’re just horrible … I mean if you love your money stay away from them … apart from stealing your money they will drive you nuts! either you will leave them or the company you’re working for. So decide now!


Ok ! that one was serious …

……. now on a lighter note! 😉


It is a pleasure working with the entire TiC team.
Apart from bringing their technical expertise in the area of communication, problem solving and personal effectiveness to the table, we have additionally benefitted from their creative and fun side of learning. Blending these 2 has been important and successful for us given that our largest participant base is Gen Y. I have picked up very positive sound bites from participants both after the programs as well as during the post training engagement phase and I clearly see a change from our previous years.
Additionally, I am happy with the way our pilot on role-based learning is panning out. The team is diligently deploying pre-assessments, related program design and delivery as well as post training coaching sessions as part of this initiative. If we do continue to see the same level of support am sure this will be a success as well and a scalable model in our organization.

Suvina Chaturvedi, Learning and Devolving Manager


Dear Navaz and Jehan,
As I get on this plane to mark the start of my winter vacations, I do not want to open my laptop as I have officially begun my vacations but I want to write this note of appreciation to you and your organization because of the amazing impact the Professional Mastery Series has created in our firm!
I want to take this opportunity to thank Navaz and you for doing all that you do so very well for us by making the Professional Mastery Series a stand out program in the professional skills development space. The energy and “WoW” the content of the program has created on the floor is great to see. Professionals attending the program walk out from the session always wanting more which is a brilliant sign for the way we have able to capture the interest of the audience in a 16 hour program. Attendees and their managers do write back to us with success stories of being able to implement at their daily work and show their gratitude towards us. A big thank you to you and your team of facilitators to be able to pitch in and hold great workshops for us in different locations.
And needless to say, thank you for being so very patient with us. Looking forward to the new year of continued learning!

Varun Mehrotra & Amit Sachdev, Development COE | Talent, Global & Member Firms (Non-Technology)
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