Cutting Edge

If everything you’ve read above sounds a bit dry and ‘been there, done that’, you might want to try out our signature ‘Cutting Edge’ programmes. These are amongst our most exciting and popular offerings as they usually involve creativity, deep learning, and a whole lotta fun. Participants may find themselves swinging from trees with the confidence of chimps, carving ice sculptures a la Michelangelo, or building intricate Rube Goldberg machines from scratch as though they’re auditioning for an OK Go video.

These activities also tend to throw up many surprises. You might find out that the quietest member of your team is a closet actor; or perhaps your laidback, KFC-loving colleague is a surprisingly graceful swimmer; or that the junior sales rep you barely notice is excellent at decoding ‘treasure’ maps.

Aside from the fun aspect, these programmes emphasise core values such as team-work, trust-building, problem-solving, decision-making, lateral thinking, adapting to change… and the list goes on.

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