Learning Shots – Goalsetting Workshop

Make #goal setting more intentional and effective!

What will you learn?

Whether you’re aiming for personal growth or professional development, this #LearningShot equips you with practical tools and strategies to turn your aspirations into reality. Learn to identify what truly matters to you and create actionable plans to ensure your success.

Your benefits:

1. Identify what’s important for you. 

2. Set the #goal setting framework to make your goals more intentional. 

3. Create a plan using the goal tree to make it achievable. 

What’s included:

1. 90 min of Live Facilitation on #Zoom   

2. Programme Notes.

3. Certificate of Completion. 

4. Downloadable Resources.

Register for this program with Regina Fernandes, senior facilitator with Training inCorporate

Registration link https://lnkd.in/d3GJQdmv

#goalsetting #goaltree #smartgoals

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