Welcome Kaverrie, MapsTell Certified Guide – India

We are delighted to welcome Kaverrie Purii , our MapsTell Guide for India!

Kaverrie Purii is a skilled facilitator, and a former aviator based in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

She has spent 12 years specializing in transformation training, behavioral skills, soft skills, and outbound/experiential learning. She honed her expertise through a rich background in the aviation industry, where she interacted with individuals from more than 60 different nationalities.

Kaverrie develops, designs, and delivers dynamic and impactful learning experiences. She has successfully trained over 10,000 individuals and holds 11 professional certifications in various fields.

Some of her notable certifications include Menstrual Education, Entrepreneurship: Do your Venture NSRCEL โ€“ IIMB, Transaction Analysis, Presentation Skills, Transformational Training, Basic & Advanced Makeup – Christine Valmy , Ground/Flight Instructor, Train the Trainer, Aircrew CRM Instructor

She enjoys spending her leisure time reading and immersing herself in the world of music.

Kaverrie has experience training at all levels, from individual contributors to top management across diverse sectors such as aviation & hospitality, (N)BFSI, logistics, and educational institutes.

Welcome aboard, Kaverrie!

MapsTell are the designers of The World of Difference assessment – a powerful engaging tool, with over 2500 behavioral descriptors and metaphors which are designed to stimulate meaningful conversations.

The names of cities, mountains and rivers in this map call out the differences in our behavior then, literally, allows you to step into someone elseโ€™s world of behavior. We offer a contemporary, positive and impactful alternative to lengthy and often somewhat dull and complex assessment reports. From personal development, achieving joint perspectives to accurately map leadership styles, the World of Difference offers countless possibilities

Explore the World of Difference here https://trginc.in/mapstell/

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