Meet Hania Rizvi – MapsTell Certified Guide, India

Meet Hania F Rizvi – MapsTell Certified Guide for India!

Hania is a Communication Skills and a Licensed Purpose Coach based in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

She is a dedicated professional specializing in communication, personality development, and behavior coaching. She is also the proud founder of Focus Point, an institution that offers classes for  communication skills, personality development, and refining behavior.

Throughout her career spanning over 14 years, Hania has made significant contributions in the areas of English communication skills, personality development, and behavior coaching. Her expertise has benefited individuals across various sectors, including telecom, schools, colleges, and professionals.

She has received the prestigious Khadija Women Entrepreneur Award for her remarkable contributions.

She is fluent in English and Urdu, making her coaching accessible to a diverse range of clients.

Beyond her professional life, Hania has a deep passion for interior design, enjoys nature walks, and explores spirituality as part of her personal interests.

MapsTell is the designer of The World of Difference assessment – a powerful engaging tool, with over 2500 behavioral descriptors and metaphors which are designed to stimulate meaningful conversations.

The names of cities, mountains and rivers in this map call out the differences in our behavior then, literally, allows you to step into someone else’s world of behavior. We offer a contemporary, positive and impactful alternative to lengthy and often somewhat dull and complex assessment reports. From personal development, achieving joint perspectives to accurately map leadership styles, the World of Difference offers countless possibilities

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