T-T-T | October 2019

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 12 – 14 October  2017 | Mumbai





We Are Back!

Based on popular demand we are conducting a T-T-T this October and we are bringing out the Big Guns!

This programme will be conducted by our Course Director –  Navaz Hilloowala and while she won’t admit it, she actually has over 30 years of teaching and training experience.

We at Training inCorporate have a serious policy – If It’s Not Fun It’s Not Working! 

In this programme, we are going to share our unique style and methodology called Guided Discovery Method (GDM). When done just right, will WOW your audience and at the same time ensure that all the “light-bulb” moments remain with them long after the event.

In short – We deliver kickass programmes and here we are going to show you how!

This is a 3-day intensive workshop that is a blend of training techniques and lots of practice so you feel confident to use these techniques in your own programmes.

We will cover the following topics: 

Pre Training

  • Planning for a Programme (TNA)
  • Content Selection and Customization
  • Creating a Session Plan
  • Conducting Assessments
  • Pedagogy
    • Kirk Patrick
    • ROPES
    • Blooms Taxonomy
    • ADDIE
    • GDM


  • Starting a Session
    • Introductions
    • Expectations
    • Training Focus
    • Ground Rules
  • Parts of a Session (ROPES Application)
  • Interactive Ideas
  • Trainer Skills
    • Non Verbal
    • Voice Modulation
    • Grooming
    • Questioning

Post Training

  • Learning Evaluation
  • Feedback Plan
  • Assessments
  • Application
  • Retention Tools
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