Email Etiquette – Part 3

Boost your productivity, build your online credibility, write effectively

Your Benefits:

  • Use accurate vocabulary.
  • Reduce wordy and dense writing.
  • Improve your confidence through your writing.
  • Discover email etiquette and enhance your personal brand.

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People today want succinct emails. Do your emails sound academic and dense or clear and relevant?

How many words have you added that in turn have increased your fog index?

Should you reply to all?, When does the subject line in an email chain? Does your fifth response in an email require a salutation?

Part 3 of Email Etiquette will answer these questions and more for you. All this in 75 min of pure, unadulterated, interactive facilitation by one of our certified facilitators. No boring lectures just hardcore implementation to immediately impact your effectiveness. Get personal feedback on your writing from our expert.

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  • Precise and Succinct Language
  • Fog Index
  • Email Hygiene

[gdlr_tab title=\”This Programme includes\”]

  • 75 min of Live Facilitation.       
  • Programme Notes.
  • Downloadable Resources (Practise Tasks/Sound Files/Additional Reading).
  • Accessibility on mobile or desktop.
  • Certificate of Completion. 


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Date & Time

Wednesday, May 26, 2020 – 5:45 PM to 7:00 PM

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