Effective Presentations Part 1

Strengthen your presenter impression  

Your Benefits:

  • Receive feedback on your presenter impression.
  • Identify the general & specific purpose of the presentation.
  • Understand your audience to create and deliver an effective presentation.

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[gdlr_tab title=\”What will you learn from this Programme?\”]

Are you aware of your presenter impressions?
Do you struggle with completing the presentation on time? Does your audience feel like they don\’t know why they are there? If yes, then don\’t worry we\’ve got your back.
This learning shot is aimed at your delivery of a presentation. You will get an insight into how people view you as a presenter. This shot will also help you identify the general and specific purpose of the presentation. Most of all it will help you make changes to your delivery based on your audience so they are always engaged.   

[gdlr_tab title=\”Outline of the Programme\”]

  • Presenter Impressions
  • Purpose of the Presentation
  • Target Audience

[gdlr_tab title=\”This Programme includes\”]

  • 75 min of Live Facilitation.       
  • Programme Notes.
  • Downloadable Resources.
  • Accessibility on mobile or desktop.
  • Certificate of Completion. 


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Date & Time

Thursday, August 13, 2020 – 4:00 PM to 5:15 PM

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