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Imagine this: you’re part of an important meeting where the topic under discussion is the design for an upcoming product. You know more about product design than anybody else in the room; it is your area of expertise. Yet, even though you don’t agree with the direction in which the discussion is heading, you stay quiet. Eventually, the product launches and it’s a failure. Everybody loses. And you’re stuck with the knowledge that all you had to do to prevent this from happening was to communicate.

Communication – or lack thereof – is one of the single most important things in business and life; it can make or break careers, opportunities, and relationships. It is fundamental to human existence. Yet, on some level or another, all of us are inadequate at it. Some of us are not confident of our ability to speak; others don’t know how to say something even if they know what to say. Some don’t communicate well (or at all) because they’re afraid of upsetting the other person or the status quo – and they end up doing it anyway!

Our courses help make our participants richer by giving them a KASH gift that will help build their ROI. We build an awareness on four fronts: Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, Habits. Yes, we’re generous like that.


Life is hard. Succeeding is harder. And sustaining success is even harder. 

Failure is inextricably linked to success. Steve Jobs succeeded because, at some point, he failed. Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s, was a down-and-out salesman in his early 50s when he chanced upon what would become the multi-billion-dollar fast food industry. The world of business is awash with such stories of ordinary men and women who did extraordinary things. How did they do it?

Each of us has a purpose and a certain set of abilities. However, we are often bogged down by failures and insecurities. The problems may be external, but the solution always comes from within. Extraordinary things only occur when individuals have the capacity to self-reflect, which helps find the strength and ability to do certain things. Our intrinsic courses help participants understand and internalise this truth and find their purpose.

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If everything you’ve read above sounds a bit dry and ‘been there, done that’, you might want to try out our signature ‘Cutting Edge’ programmes. These are amongst our most exciting and popular offerings as they usually involve creativity, deep learning, and a whole lotta fun. Participants may find themselves swinging from trees with the confidence of chimps, carving ice sculptures a la Michelangelo, or building intricate Rube Goldberg machines from scratch as though they’re auditioning for an OK Go video.

These activities also tend to throw up many surprises. You might find out that the quietest member of your team is a closet actor; or perhaps your laidback, KFC-loving colleague is a surprisingly graceful swimmer; or that the junior sales rep you barely notice is excellent at decoding ‘treasure’ maps.

Aside from the fun aspect, these programmes emphasise core values such as team-work, trust-building, problem-solving, decision-making, lateral thinking, adapting to change… and the list goes on.

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